In 2003 the Freshdeuce Foundation was initiated by Daan Archer and Remco Wendt in collaboration with the Institute for Informatics and Electrical Engineering at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam / University of Amsterdam. The foundation was sponsored by Intel's Digital Home Lab in Santa Clara, USA.

The objective of FreshDeuce was for high-potential students to excel in interdisciplinary interactive media projects. All projects were managed by former students. Over a period of three years the foundation ran three interactive media projects during which 20+ students developed computational and electronic technologies. Students received course grades and some earned a BSc-degree based on their work. Main technologies used were C++, Python, OpenGL, Ruby-On-Rails, C, Active-RFID, Zigbee.
FreshDeuce's software has been exhibited to small and larger audiences during special events.

Inspired by FreshDeuce and our successor, the Hogeschool van Amsterdam launched its official applied research centre CREATE-IT in 2010.
The FreshDeuce Foundation integrates technologies, science, art and design.

FreshDeuce thrives to break away from fixed thinking patterns. The FreshDeuce technicians explore new areas to establish a world in which technology is more than a medium. Technicians, scientists, psychologists, sociologists, industrial designers and artists need to form an alliance to realize creative and innovative concepts in the world. The result is a new art form, a synergy of creativity and technology.
Daan Archer - Chairman, co-Founder
Remco Wendt - Secretary, co-Founder
Michiel de Boer - Treasurer; Private Banker ING

Marjan Freriks - Director, Amsterdam School of ICT, Hogeschool van Amsterdam
Russell Beadle - Commercial Director, Playlogic Games
Martijn Hendriks - New Media Artist and Researcher, University of Maastricht/Amsterdam
BRIAN BARR for the Freshdeuce logo design.
ALEX PROOPER for his massive photo dataset contribution. Check his photomosaics.
Sonja de Boer for the LIVEMOSAIC PROJECTED ROOM illustration.
Mirjam Linschooten for the LIVEMOSAIC ABSTRACT POSTER concept.
Wensley de Kom (VJ XLL) at the HvA for providing us with nifty audiovisual goodies.
Arnim Eijkhoudt at the INSTITUTE FOR INFORMATICS (HvA) for hosting the FreshDeuce website.

Our dedicated (informal) advisors for their time, thoughts, contacts and contributions.
URBI ET ORBI : audio-visual studio since 1998. Combines traditional art-forms with new media.
Thomas Bouvy & Maaike Engels